Tuesday, May 6, 2014

 I think I've great deal of progress so far.  and still far more to come. Currently hoping that sometime near October I will be close to done.

The Android SDK manager is fully up and running.

Magic forest's first ever test run on the Nexus 7 tablet went rather smoothly.

Had a bit of headache getting the animator not to conflict with the rigid body but that issue was solved.

 Completed high poly sculpt and low poly bake for the Demon... I decided to change the overall look and design of the demon to something bipedal to make life easier and to make the model more readable.

next steps involve a few minor scripting tweaks.

I will be changing the instantiating and destroying of cuties into object pooling to better improve performance particularly on weaker mobile devices.

I rigged and did some terrible test animations for the Demon and got them implemented. I will be switching the killing of cuties to an AOE smash from his fists. Currently this is just being handled by a simple trigger on the demon allowing you to cascade through them.

 I will be creating and designing UI elements and functionality for the Start Screen Game play screen and End game restart screens. This will require that I learn XAML and a new unity plugin... Currently thinking ill be using NOESISGUI plugin on the unity asset store.

The UI will be My final biggest Hurdle as I feel it is paramount in the success of how the game feels. feedback on kills and kill streaks score accumulation and sounds will all be super important to make the game fun and appealing.

 feature creep section 

  • -I would like to setup a demon loader to allow for future "in app" purchases of new demons. This would be implemented in the start screen as a model turntable. 
  •  -A coworker and friend suggested a sonic roar to seek out cuties as they run away. also considering tilt controls to allow you to see around the world and see cuties my first inclination is that doing a pinch zoom would handle this action best

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