Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Basic Premise of the Game

A dog like demon rummaging through the underworld of hell stumbles upon a magical artifact. The artifact springs to life creating a portal to a magical forest dimension. The dog demon, curious, leaps at the portal instantly transporting him into the magical forest world filled with overly adorable critters called "Cuties". On entering the dimension the demon almost instantly falls weak, he clearly doesn't belong in this world and its slowly zapping his life force away. A small Cutie Rabbit approaches the demon and tries to hand him a carrot. The demon looks at the rabbit and then at the carrot. He quickly reaches out and squishes the rabbit exploding him in a bloody mess. The life force of the Cutie is transferred into the demon reviving his life.

Game play:
You're the Demon constantly loosing health and must destroy all the Cuties to stay alive
Objective stay alive as long as possible you gain points for kills,combo kills, and time alive
high scores get posted if you wish.